A holistic approach
to execute your vision.

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Strategic Initiatives

MUREX is an international consulting firm, we develop pragmatic and executable business strategies.
We identify your weaknesses and strengths, optimize your resources and coordinate data acquisition to develop integrated short term strategies that will allow you to adjust rapidly, and reach your long term objectives.

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Holistic Approach

MUREX approaches your company as a whole, taking into consideration every possible element needed to succeed; from your people and your offer to the marketing and the local and international environment.
We will develop dynamic and integrated strategies to ensure sustainable growth for your company. Executing your vision!

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Executable Strategies

An strategy is as good as its effectiveness.
We believe that strategic thinking is, ultimately, a personal process, fruit of experience, knowledge and intuiton.
Boiling down your core values and strengths, analyzing your offer and the internal and external environment, we will identify what is needed for the development of a sustainable strategic process.
Looking back to think forward, we will develop pragmatic and executable business strategies to execute your vision.

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Foreseeing Challenges

Every decision you take will confront your company with new challenges, we will help you to be aware and prepared for any circumstance. MUREX develops dynamic business strategies, integrated, flexible and short term so they are easy to adjust to any possible outcome and ensuringtheir long terms relevance.
A forward looking business strategy will allow you to be prepared for any outcome. At the same time, a boundless approach is the key to identify and unlock business and market opportunities.

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Connecting people.
Things are more connected than never before. Within your organization or networking at a local or global level, we bring people together.
Crossing organizational boundaries, synthesizing opinions, offering new perspectives or putting you in contact with potential partners or allies, we use the latest social media tools to send your message where you want it to go.
MUREX does business.

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A global awareness will allow you to consolidate your company in the local market and take advantage of opportunities all over the world.
MUREX can help you: we keep you up to date and in contact with the global markets, marketing trends, technological developments and in a constant search for suppliers and buyers for your products, and even potential partners or investors for your new developments.
We can also assisit you with your logistics, a critical aspect of any business strategy.

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Financial Outsourcing

Access to capital is a key element for the development of your business. We offer you financial solutions that can be integrated into your strategy.
We concentrate specifically in access to credit and the negotiation with local and international banks.
We can assist you in the acquisition of financial resources needed to empower your company; working capital, purchase of lenfing of equipment and even the possibility of offering credit to your clients. We handle all the process, so you do not need to distract resources and can keep focus on your activities.
We provide solutions! Contact Us for more information.

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Digital Marketing

No business strategy could be complete without integrating digital marketing. New technologies and social media allow us to obtain critical data to foresee trends and adjust the company's message.
From web design or web optimization, improving your ROI through higher conversion rates or targeting specific segments of the market, locally or overseas, we can develop campaigns tailored to your objectives.

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Company Relocation

Every country is different, your company could be facing limitations for reasons out of your control, due to a geographic, political or economic environment.
In any case, globalization offers excelent opportunities for the relocation or registration of a company in a more suitable environment, even operating from a Free Zone.
To operate in a friendly business environment should be part of your business strategy ... and MUREX can help you.

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MUREX takes your side. Our Mission is simple: what can we do to empower your company.
Think of it as a process of tailor-made thinking, with our commitment to tackle your main concerns and transform them into business opportunities.

Contact Us to know how can we assist you with your project.

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