About Us

a Consulting firm
specialized in Business Strategy
with decades of experience
at the highest international level.

icon murex - poniendo todas las piezas juntas

MUREX - bringing things together.

MUREX is a boutique strategic consulting firm, the result of more than two decades of experience at the highest international level.
We know that success relies on many actions, multiple areas that should be considered at the moment of finding solutions for specific problems, same areas that should be considered at the moment of developing a growth strategy. Many different aspects that should be coordinated and corrected to reach long term results.
Our knowledge base is supported by a professional background in areas of business, trade, negotiations, Law, marketing, logistics and finance, together with a solid strategic formation. We are in an unique position to apply multiple tools for the effective implementation of your project.
From the development or adaptation of your products to marketing and social media, MUREX does business!
Our approach is a direct consequence of our experience in the East and the West, at official and private levels, advising companies in developed and developing economies. Our "hands-on" attitude and the experience in the development and implementation of strategies give us a particular insight to analize your weaknesses and strengths with the objective of providing you with the best solutions.
The values and ethics that we practiced along our life are the ones who allow us to access a wide network of first level international contacts, at a private and official level. MUREX also teams up with professionals in different countries to cover all possible angles of specific and sensitive requirements.

Our approach is:

icon trato personal


And we believe that it could not be in any other way. No recipes, tailor made solutions for each specific situation.
Strategy is about insights, and not everybody sees things in the same way.

icon enfoque holístico


Almost philosophical.
We see your company and its environment as a whole, analyzed and harmonized to position your company in the place you envision.

icon creatividad


We offer ideas and solutions covering almost every possible angle to ensure a sustainable growth.
It does not matter at what stage your business is at, we can develop a tailor-made and articulated strategy for your company; an executable strategy to materialize your vision.

icon valores


We believe in the need of a strong foundation to succeed.
We will help you identify and strengthen your company's core values, those unique aspects who will differentiate you in the marketplace.

icon dinamismo


Long term planning is not effective anymore, our strategies are dynamic and the approach is fluid and boundless allowing you to adapt to a constantly changing environment.
We can create business for your company in areas that you probably overlooked or was not aware of.

icon responsabilidad


Strategies normally fail at implementation, that is why we will be there all along the way, to ensure that you execute your vision.

Murex Ltd. - (C66169)
Consultoría estratégica & desarrollo de negocios.